Born in Lebanon, Alfred Tarazi deploys his visual strategies in order to dig out fields of memory, emplaced haphazardly in a vast expanse of the present tense, often without direction or destination. A narrative emphasis occurs, at the root of which, the artist is unearthing critical and historical tools to read past events, provided by the past itself in the manner of a reluctant heritage


Born in the USA, Erika Simmons transforms original tapes into amazing pieces of Art. Her unique style attracted more than 30 million viewers in one shot, when she collaborated with Bruno Mars on his hit "Just the Way you are".


Born in Lebanon, Maurice loves to work with mathematical transformations of small units into elements of our daily lives into a beautiful whole.


Born in the Germany, Martin is a fine artist with more than 150 exhibitions as artist and curator since 1993, in Germany, England, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and the USA.


Born in Prague, Silvie is a Pencil Artist and Acrylic Painter, known for her expressive interpretations of faces into unique moving artworks. 

Most of her works are composed of geometric shapes inspired by nature itself. Her geometric compositions reflect that all living creatures form one integral unit. All of the small components form our individuality. Decomposition to little pieces is a permament process. It does not lead to final decay, but rather to continuous recreation into a new unit.


Born in the Poland, Marta draws inspiration from her urban surroundings in the production of all of her work, focusing on the importance of pleasure in harmony to the viewer, and does not shy away from a vivid colour palette, constantly traveling between two worlds, the spiritual one and the world of matter.


Born in Lebanon, Mariejoe was the first woman in the MENA region to venture into enigmatic photomontages, pushing the boundaries of reality by transforming 2D photographs into a 3D artworks.


Born in Lebanon, Maya sees life as a perspective. She explores and experiments with shapes, textures and colors, to find new ways to express the beauty of what one has to say, through Art. 

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